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I absolutely love to write computer programs! I've been writing programs since 1981 when I fell in love with my first Navy computer. She didn't have much memory but she was very interesting. =)

I've been designing and developing 2D computer games as a hobby for over 10 years. I wrote my first game in Quick Basic. Subsequently I migrated to Visual Basic. For four years I have programmed in C++. My interest lies in creating a story and then writing the code to bring the story to the player. Most of my games are developed within a time frame of 4 to 8 weeks and submitted as an entry to a game programming contest. Each of the games below have been created by myself. One game indicated below was a team effort.

I must admit that the games are in need of further polishing and refinement. However, as a rule, once I submit a game entry I do not return to make improvements. The main reason is I must tackle a growing list of "honey do" items that grew while I neglected them programming.

The games are provided "as is" and "without any guarantee". They seem to work with Windows XP and Vista.

If you see anything you like let me know. Programmers have big egos that like to be stroked!

"Twisted Tunes - Music Puzzle" [2010]

"Just Another Tower Defense Game" [2010]

Exodus - Isometric Level Editor [2010]

The Golden Spike [2009]

Cindy and the Cookie Stealin' Ogre [2009]

Mario Clone Editor [2009]

Sinking of the Rising Sun - Submarine Game [2008]

Factory Game - A Tetris Variant [2008]

Climbing the Citadel [2008]

My first team project with an artist and musician

Rommel's Fantasy Revenge [2007]

Skunked [2007]

Bugs [2006]

Patterns - Tetris Clone [2003]

AIP - Artificial Intelligence Game Learning Program [2002]

Game Institute is where I like to compete with other programmers to build computer games. The competitions are open to the public. I also teach a robotics course at GI.
Toymaker is my favorite DirectX site. I learned a lot from here.
Gamasutra is a great place to learn about game making.
International Game Developer's Association is home to serious Indies.
Indiegamer Forums for the Independent Developer.
Devmaster has lots of articles and a large forum.
Game Dev is a site focused upon game development. is a very large programming site committed to helping students with game programming, desktop programming, web development, etc.

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