The Golden Spike
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Release Date

"The Golden Spike" was released on May 16, 2009 as a submission for the game programming competition "Game Challenge 11" at

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Description of the Game

The year is 1881. You are the lead foreman for McGregor & Company. The company is under contract with the Federal government to lay railroad track between two towns.

You are to lead 10 teams of 100 men each. You have only 10 days to connect Pleasant Valley and Johnson City.

If you complete the project within the time limit McGregor & Company will receive a Federal contract to lay over 1000 miles of track. This contract is worth millions of dollars to the company.

If you fail, you will be responsible for putting 1000 men out of work.

The player lays track on flat terrain (green), across rivers, or through rocky hills. The track is then assembled in stages: planned, ballast (rocks), wooden ties, and rail. Time to assemble a section is very fast on the green terrain, slow across the river, and very slow through rock.

Software Development Description

I had 8 weeks to design and develop the game. Of course all of this time came after time at work and with my family. I spent a considerable amount of time getting the training laying feature working. I also created most of the artwork this time.

  • Game programming - C++
  • Graphics - DirectX 9
  • Art assets - and Windows Paint
  • Sound - FMOD Library
  • Editor - In game feature

  • Screenshots

    Inspired by the first transcontinental railroad in the United States

    Map showing game level. Brown squares are rocky hills.

    Shows railroad being assembled in stages.

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