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"Just Another Tower Defense Game" was released January 8, 2010 as a submission for the game programming competition "Game Challenge 14" at www.gameinstitute.com

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Description of the Game

Modern military invaders are conducting an assault on your defensive position and headquarters. Using financial funding you must build a defensive network to deter the armed forces. You have at your disposal machine guns, 20 mm machine guns, 3" cannons, 6" cannons, and anti-aircraft flak.

The game includes four maps with varied terrain.

Software Development Description

I had 8 weeks to design and develop the game. Of course all of this time came after time at work and with my family. I spent a considerable amout of time getting the training laying feature working. I also created the artwork including terrain, weapons, and control panels.

  • Game programming - C++
  • Graphics - DirectX 9
  • Particle effects - Pyro Particle Library
  • Art assets - Paint.net and Windows Paint
  • Sound - FMOD Library
  • Editor - Excel (wave definitions)

  • Screenshots

    Defend headquarters from a naval and aerial assault.

    Defend headquarters from a mechanized armor, aerial, and river assault.

    Defend headquarters at the airport from mecahnic armor, aerial, and long-range naval assault.

    Defend headquarters stationed at the open harbor from invaders on the ice and in the air.

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