Climbing the Citadel
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Release Date

"Climbing the Citadel" was released in 2007. The program was developed as an entry for Game Challenge 4 at This was the very first game I developed as part of a team. Special thanks to Byl for his artwork and Roland for his music.

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Description of the Game

The steep slopes of the Citadel are dangerous. Jump around on 3 different layers to collect points and to avoid the dangerous snowmen and wolves.

Software Development Description

I wrote this in about 4 weeks. My wife had read a book to our children based upon climbing a notorious mountain called the Citadel.

  • Game Specification Download [160 KB] GC4_ClimbingTheCitadel.pdf
  • Game programming - C++
  • Graphics - DirectX
  • Sound - FMOD
  • Art assets - Byl
  • Music assets - Roland
  • Editor - VB6 Application

  • Screenshots

    Splash Screen

    Game play

    Level Complete

    Game Over

    You Win

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