Sinking of the Rising Sun
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Release Date

"Sinking of the Rising Sun" was released on May 2, 2008 as a submission for the game programming competition "Game Challenge 6" at

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Description of the Game

2D submarine game. The player commands the submarine USS Tautog (SS-199) as it conducts unlimited action against the Imperial Japanese Navy and Merchant ships during WWII.

Software Development Description

I had 6 weeks to design and develop the game. Of course all of this time came after time at work and with my family. The time frame was entirely too short for this undertaking. I need an additional 12 weeks.

  • Game programming - C++
  • Graphics - DirectX 9
  • Art assets - Windows Paint
  • Sound - FMOD Library

  • Screenshots

    Splash screen

    Menu 1

    Submarine Conn


    Enemy Ship in Periscope

    Ship Hit by Torpedo

    Enemy Ship Exploding

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