Cindy and the Cookie Stealin' Ogre
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Release Date

"Cindy and the Cookie Stealin' Ogre" was released in December 12, 2008. The program was submitted as the Game Challenge 9 entry at

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Description of the Game

The player controls Cindy. Her very last box of cookies have been stolen an Ogre who has returned to the Enchanged Forest. Cindy must battle fairies, elves, and witches. She has access to pistols, shotguns, and machine guns.

Software Development Description

I wrote this in about 8 weeks. I actually enjoyed playing this game.

  • Game Specification Download [386 KB] TeamCharlestonGC9GameSpec.pdf
  • Game programming - C++
  • Graphics - DirectX 9
  • Art assets - Windows Paint
  • Sound - FMOD Library
  • Editor - C++ Application

  • Screenshots

    Action 1

    Action 2

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